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merSETA discretionary grant: First funding window for 2023/24 financial year


Application: pivotal plan and specific initiatives

The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) invites relevant stakeholders to apply for discretionary grants for the 2023/24 financial year (1st Funding Window).

The first funding window aims to invite applications to address national and sector needs for specific initiatives. 

Read more about these specific initiatives, who can apply, mandatory compliance documents, how to apply, and the merSETA’s Performance Targets for 2023/24 is in this link  

The merSETA’s Grants Criteria and Guideline 2023/24 is available in this link

The 2023/24 merSETA Grants Policy can be viewed on

The opening date is 05 April 2023, and the closing date is 31 May 2023.