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Motor Parts, Equipment: How much do you know?

Embrace change, learn a new thing, understand something different, look for opportunity, don’t hesitate to ask, there are no stupid questions, don’t compromise on anything you can do better. Who uttered these words I have no idea, but they are all and remain relevant to our lives.
The joy of a low price is quickly forgotten in the face of poor quality or service. Buying cheaper products will ultimately cost them an “Arm and a Leg” maybe not literally, but it more often than not will hit the wallet hard in the long run.
Brand Awareness
The best buyer is an informed buyer, in this day and age of internet, smart phones, fibre data, Wi-Fi, and such, there really is little reason for the consumer to not have a reasonable knowledge of the products they are spending money on. If the same consumer was buying a television set or a new fridge they would weigh-up all the options before spending their money, why not when buying parts for your second most expensive asset.
The diligent Salesperson would reach for the best quality parts, Price them correctly and explain the features and benefits of the products being offered, which should make any consumer a happy customer. As the experience they have is a solid and lasting one where sales relationships are forged through trust.
The less diligent salesperson will reach for the product that suits them, and then if challenged for a discount either substitute for an even lesser quality (cheaper) product or discount the selling price, the difference being that in this case the consumer is not necessarily getting the best product available.
This is not to say that the “Best Product” is the most expensive, but you don’t buy a “Rolls for the price of a Mini” either.
Product Support
This transaction process applies equally to the Workshop where you may have your vehicle serviced. What parts are you being charged for? Are you in fact paying for the “Rolls” but unsuspectingly getting the “Mini”? Do you Have peace of mind that there is a credible product support system for the parts fitted to your vehicle?
Reality check
In reality, the manufacturing of any product can from time to time have an issue that slips through the quality control processes, this is a fact of life. However the better the supplier credibility, for example if they are a RMI accredited MIMA (Motor Industry Manufacturers Association) Member, process controls are in place that will limit these occurrences to a minimum.
Important for all consumers is to ensure that a number of specifics are adhered to:

  • Have you chosen to use an RMI accredited MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association), and are the parts fitted during the service also sourced from an RMI accredited MPEA Member. The two go hand in hand in ensuring that you are getting the best possible support as a motorist.
  • Does the Workshop source all parts from an RMI accredited MPEA (Motor Parts and Equipment Association) Spares Dealer

The RMI accredited MPEA member subscribes to the RMI code of conduct and adheres to and applies all the correct processes required for best business practice, in South Africa. This means that the MPEA member has promised to supply quality products at reasonable prices with accurate advice as well as to support those same products as and when necessary.
In conclusion the willing buyer, willing seller concept still exists in every which way, however as time progresses, the consumer will become better and better informed about the products and services they are demanding. It remains in the best interests of our industry to upskill, educate, coach and guide not only the consumer but our staff as well, to be able to provide the correct advice at the right time. Many years ago a spares wholesale supplier had a catch phrase “Right Part, Right Price, Right Time, Right Advice” this was quite prophetic at the time. Where with the CPA and digital knowledge increase, these simple words are more relevant now than ever.