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New app connects industry and consumers

For several years now there has been a call from the motoring sector as well as the motoring public for a quick and convenient way to find service providers. We are excited that, following months of development, RMI Connect is live and available on Play and Apples Stores.
RMI Connect is an app that assists motorists in finding an accredited service supplier in the category of service required closest to them via GPS or in the region of their choice. It provides the full contact and address details as well as any service or product specials.
From a customer-service point of view, RMI members will be able to use the app to find compliance documentation; to market products and events; for training purposes; to connect with other RMI members and to access up-to-date RMI news. There is a plethora of information available on the app making it a very handy tool for our members.
We have also included a section where motorists can log a complaint if they are unhappy with any element of the service they receive, or to report a supplier claiming falsely to be an RMI member.
I strongly encourage all RMI members to download the app and to tell their customers and friends about it. We want to spread the word that there is now an app that takes the guess work out of locating a good partner for vehicle care and seamlessly connects consumers to the closest RMI member.
Please note that in the case of Android phones, only version 7 and higher of the operating system are supported by Google Play Store and will have access to the RMI Connect app.
On a different topic, this edition includes a feature on training in the sector and it is encouraging to see the efforts being made to upskill our industry. It is up to every business and every person in the industry to be involved in training, mentoring, coaching, and upskilling of some sort.
As the RMI, training is one of our strategic priorities and as such we are involved in various transformation initiatives including the Centres of Specialisation programme in association with the Department of Higher Education and Training, the NAAASP Business Entrepreneurial Development project in association with merSETA, Gender and Disability management programmes in association with MISA, a partnership with SEDA on small business development to black informal and semi-formal businesses, and more.
Our associations are also, in their own rights, spearheading or getting involved in training partnerships with industry players. This means that there are ample opportunities for RMI members and industry stakeholders to make a difference through upskilling their sectors. This is vital if we are to ensure the health and longevity of the motor industry. If you are looking for a way to get involved Louis van Huyssteen, the RMI’s National Training Director, is on hand to discuss what opportunities would best suit you. Alternatively contact your respective associational director.