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The new wage increases September 2023 : FREE online seminar 
We are pleased to announce that the RMI will be presenting a FREE online seminar entitled: 
The new wage increases September 2023.

Date: Friday, 8 September 2023
Time: 10h00 – 12h00
Cost: Free, but please register – Link will be sent to you once registration form is received.
Platform: Microsoft Teams 
Presenter: Johanita Olivier

Topics that will be discussed:

– When will the new wage increases become effective?
– How do I establish under which chapter/ sector my business falls?
– How do I find the correct wage in the wage schedule?
– How do I apply for an exemption from the wage increases?
– What is the meaning of minimum wages, guaranteed wages, and actual wages?
– What is the ‘Threshold of Earnings’?
– What is the ‘Set-off’ of wages?

Kindly return the attached registration form before the closing date of 7 September 2023. Hope to see you there. 

Download “Wage tables & MIBCO contact details 2023”

Prescribed-minimum-and-guaranteed-wage-increases-just-tables-MIBCO-contact-details-.pdf – Downloaded 3194 times – 168.72 KB

Download “Wages – free seminar registration form”

Reg-form-Wage-Increases-Sept-2023-free-seminar.pdf – Downloaded 2708 times – 126.34 KB