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Opposition To Urban Tolling Alliance Formed

Following anger and outrage against the e-Tolling of Gauteng’s freeways, an alliance has been formed to coordinate the strategies of a number of organisations and associations who share a common view about this unjust action.
Numerous organisations have been singing from the same hymn sheet to oppose the e-toll program, yet there lacked a unified platform to share and combine the efforts of business. The launch of OUTA (Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance) will be this platform and will provide a united front which will lend significant support to the cause.
The website URL for the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) is It is a concise informative portal and one where organisations can also sign up and display their support accordingly. It will be dynamic and updated regularly. In addition, individuals can also lend their support on the “support us” page as well as link through to the OUTA Facebook page to express their concerns, comments and views.
While there are a number of electronic petitions and web sites denouncing e-tolling in Gauteng (and these are all very necessary in their respective efforts), this platform is one that will provide clarity around the misleading and ambiguous statements and questions about e-tolling. The public and organisations have a desire and a right to know much more than that which has been ‘fed’ to them by the authorities. The web site will also be the platform where updates of the legal challenge will be posted when this is lodged.
OUTA encourages organizations and the public to take a look and sign up.