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Peugeot SA Announces Full Maintenance Plan

Peugeot South Africa is putting the customer in the driving seat by offering a full five-year maintenance plan to new passenger car purchasers for the first time. The full maintenance plan is being offered across the Peugeot SA’s entire passenger car range. It covers all services, maintenance and parts, excepting fuel, top-up oil and tyres.
The full maintenance plan is optional on Peugeot’s light and medium commercial vehicle range. However, a five-year/100 000km service plan remains a standard offering on the Partner and Expert ranges, while the Boxer is covered by five-year/120 000km maintenance plan.
“We are immensely proud to be offering Peugeot purchasers a five-full maintenance plan for the first time, says Francis Harnie, managing director of Peugeot SA. “The decision not only offers our customers even greater peace of motoring mind, but is also incontrovertible proof of Peugeot’s confidence in its products and its dealer network.”
Harnie says the introduction of the five-year full maintenance plan will allow Peugeot new car owners to plan their motoring budget accurately, with no additional expenses, hidden costs of service price increases to contend with during the maintenance plan period.
“But the benefits of the plan also extend to ensuring that every Peugeot vehicle is professionally maintained, using only Peugeot original parts, which will further contribute to the ownership experience, while also boosting resale value.” The new maintenance plan also includes effective roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the duration of the plan’s five-year validity.
The introduction of the maintenance plan is the latest initiative in an ongoing strategy to enhance the Peugeot ownership experience through product and service excellence. Parts distribution from the company’s dedicated warehouse has improved dramatically, with between three and four daily deliveries in the Gauteng area ensuring rapid parts supply and minimal delays.
“With an almost completely revitalised product range spanning key segments of the passenger and light commercial vehicle market, supported by a growing and motivated dealer network, the future of the Peugeot brand is looking bright indeed,” Harnie added.
“The five-year full maintenance plan represents a solid commitment by Peugeot to the SA market and its customers, and will ensure that confidence in the brand continues to grow,” he concluded.