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Publication of the Main Agreement – important correction notice

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Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) Main Agreement – Non-wage cash components and applications for exemption

Regrettably the incorrect values for the certain non-wage cash components were included in our previous Newsflash, which is corrected below (reference is made to the page number in the published agreement).

Please download the newsflash below to see all corrections

The remainder of the non-wage cash components cited in our erstwhile Newsflash can be deemed to be correct.

Actual / guaranteed wage exemption applications: Clause 8, Enforcement, Exemptions, page 105

Individual employers wishing to apply for an exemption to pay a lesser actual wage increase and / or a guaranteed increase or to be exempted from paying such, must do so by completing a Wage Exemption Application Form which is obtainable from their local MIBCO Regional Office, or on the MIBCO website:

Such applications must be submitted by no later than Thursday 08 April 2021 to the local MIBCO Regional Office either by hand delivery, registered mail, facsimile or E-mail in the prescribed format with relevant supporting documentation as outlined in the Wage Exemption Application Form.

Individual employers seeking exemption to pay a lesser actual wage increase and /or a guaranteed increase or to be exempted from paying such, must obtain the wage exemption application form available on request from their local Regional Council.

Applications for exemption not to pay the agreed prescribed minimum wage increases will not be accepted or considered if they are not submitted in terms of these exemption procedures.

Applications must be lodged with the Regional Council and scrutinized within 21 days from the date the Council has notified all employers with the amending Agreements and wage schedules, either hand-delivered or by registered mail or by fax or E -mail, in the prescribed format.

The Wage Exemptions Board will make a decision on the application within 14 days of the conclusion of the first period, i.e. 21 days as referred to in sub -clause (d) hereof.

Non-party establishments may appeal to the Exemptions Board and party establishments to the National Council within 14 days from the date of receipt of the registered post or fax advising of the rejection of the application.

All queries in this regard can be directed at any one of the RMI IR Specialists, deployed throughout the RMI’s Regional Offices.