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Research questionnaire – regulatory compliance 

As part of our constant quest to support our members and keep abreast of industry dynamics, the RMI engaged in research on a series of topics that we believe are pertinent to the sustainability and profitability of member businesses. The first such topic that we are researching concerns regulatory compliance costs and the resulting impact that this has on the commercial sustainability of member businesses.
In the coming days you will receive an invitation to take a brief 5-7 minute online survey, which has been designed for us to obtain your perspective and important input on this topic. The RMI would sincerely appreciate it if you take a few minutes to give your thoughts, since the insights that are generated from exercises such as these will be of immense value to the organisation, in developing strategies aimed at addressing pertinent concerns.
Apart from compliance-related questions, information about your business’ finances will be covered in the survey in order for us to complete this research exercise. However, all the information that you provide will be treated with the strictest of confidentiality. Moreover, IQbusiness, the consulting company that is supporting the RMI with this research adhere to the highest level of research ethics.
You will have until the 13th of December 2019 to take the survey, after which point it will be closed.