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RMI: A brand of substance!

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Over the last month we have been running our branding campaign to remind members of the importance of proudly displaying their RMI and Association branding. A big thank you to everyone who has responded so enthusiastically and professionally to our call for videos telling us what their brand means to them.

There is no better ambassador for our brand than YOU, our very own members. Here are some of our favourite reasons members provided for proudly displaying their brand:

“Belonging to MIWA gives my business credibility and positions it as a professional establishment. With that comes trust and affordability and opens up a whole lot of trading opportunities for my staff.
It also gives us access to skills programmes and helps us keep abreast of any new legislation.”

“Any customer visiting a MIWA workshop will have the peace of mind that we offer a quality product and service at a fair price and can be assured all dealings are ethical.”

“Belonging to ARA is more than just membership – it’s about trust, quality, expertise and professionalism with every service we provide. Supporting ARA is not only beneficial for businesses – it’s a smart choice for customers too!”

“Belonging to TEPA provides access to a network of resources, support and potential customers which can lead to increased sales and profitability.”

“For customers using a TEPA-accredited fitment centre it ensures that all technicians and fitters are trained and qualified. It also implies adherence to industry standards.”

“Being a member of SAPRA helps me with critical parts of our business such as wage negotiations and other specific issues which impact our business.”

“People of the South – we are SAVABA and as a collective we are represented nationally in the manufacture of truck bodies and trailers and transport equipment. Together with RMI we make a significant contribution in our sector.”

“At VTA we believe the RMI branding has categorically resulted in high yields and profitability for our business. It has boosted customer confidence and led to high morale amongst our staff – Thank you RMI branding team!”

“At SAMBRA we can give our customers peace of mind that we are compliant with industry standards.”
“Belonging to NADA, an association committed to enhancing the image of the retail motor business, has allowed me to build rewarding relationships with customers and other key stakeholders which positively impact our dealerships.”
These are some of the views that have helped build our brand into the strong, highly respected organisation it is today.

We promoted some of the videos on social media and in just 4 weeks contributions from members of their videos and photos, and the energetic support on LinkedIn and Facebook for the content (including comments, likes and shares!), helped to propel the RMI content engagement by more than 129% in the first month! A new audience connected with the posts and decided to join the community – the RMI audience grew across social media platforms by around 2 300%!  That equates to 1033 new followers with 233% more messaging conversations started. We increased our reach by 975,1% to 25 954.

Our job now is to keep putting out great content, and adding value via the brand platforms, so that this new, engaged audience will stay for more and will help attract the best of the best into our sector and help grow our customer base.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,
Ipeleng Mabusela
CEO: Strategy and Corporate Support
Retail Motor Industry Organisation