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RMI makes donation to FACT


At the end of last year, at the RMI’s very first virtual year end function, a donation was made as part of the RMI’s heart for social responsibility.

On behalf of each staff member who attended the online celebration, the RMI donated R250 to the charity FACT (Feed a Child Today).

FACT provides nutritional meals to less fortunate children and during the course of 2019/2020 prepared a total of 4,8 Million meals.

The RMI’s total donation of R15 550 to this worthy cause will go a long way in feeding hungry youngsters. Due to the volumes of food prepared, FACT can prepare a nutritional meal for only R2.50. Therefore thanks to the RMI’s donation 6 220 children could enjoy a meal.

Danelle van der Merwe, the RMI’s Brand and Communication Manager, met Estelle Mengel, Partnership Developer at Embark Foundation, and visited the Emthonjeni Golange Preschool in Zandspruit early in January.

Emthonjeni is a Community centre in Zandspruit and a public benefit organisation, working primarily in the disadvantaged community of Zandspruit. They work with children in need, providing them with education, health care and self-development activities. They are passionate about making a difference in their community and putting a smile on every child’s face is their biggest reward.

During her visit van der Merwe had the opportunity to experience just that, to see how the funds donated to FACT are utilised to feed the children at this centre.

FACT aims to provide regular, nutritious food to children who are unable, by reason of lack of good quality food, to take full advantage of the education provided for them. Research has shown that inadequate nutrition impacts negatively on children’s ability to learn and benefit from education.

Proper nutrition can improve children’s ability to concentrate, improve disruptive behaviour and encourage children to attend school. Feed A Child Today helps schools provide children with meals that are part of a healthy diet. “Nutritional kitchens are at the heart of the foundation; during the past two years Embark Foundation opened four new nutritional kitchens bringing the total up to 18, who serve an average of 280 000 meals a month. Each meal is uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of its location, ensuring the meal provided is suited to the regional preferences of the children,” said Estelle Mengel, Partnership Developer of the embark foundation.

“Food is a basic need and Embark depends on fundraising to help fill our kitchens with nutritional food. Hunger doesn’t take a vacation or a holiday, and thanks to the RMI’s donation we will be able to serve 6 220 meals,” added Mengel.

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