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Collective bargaining negotiations 2022

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On 2 and 3 August 2022, the parties to MIBCO met for the mediation of the collective bargaining process.

Whilst engagements on 2 August 2022 showed some progress which led to the RMI and FRA formally responding with a wage offer on 3 August 2022 in the respective sectors and linking it to a reduction in the list of demands tabled by the union (all the cost drivers), Numsa elected to “ reject” the proposal by the end of the day on 3 August.

NUMSA indicated that in light of the current main agreement expiring at the end of August 2022 they were required to commence with picketing rule arrangements through the CCMA, which were filed by the end of business on 3 August 2022.

Whilst no further formal date for the next engagement is set, NUMSA interestingly had a close-out session with the mediator and expressed keen interest to have further bilateral sessions with employers which indicates NUMSA’s interest to keep the dialogue going whilst developments unfold in the other sectors.

We will keep you updated throughout the negotiations process but if you do have any queries, kindly contact your local IR Specialist: IR Contacts – Retail Motor Industry Organisation (

Jacques Viljoen - Labour Director & Company Secretary Designate