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RMI welcomes new SAMBRA National Director and Labour Director

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Jacques Viljoen has been appointed as National Director of the South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association (SAMBRA), effective 1 May 2023.

A qualified attorney and labour practitioner, Viljoen is no stranger to the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, having first joined the RMI in 2016 as an Industrial Relations Specialist. In 2019 he was appointed as Regional Manager of the Free State & Northern Cape Region and then in October 2021 took over the reins as Labour Director and Company Secretary Designate responsible for keeping an eye on all MIBCO-related affairs. He was also the chief negotiator for centralised collective bargaining during 2022/2023. As company secretary his responsibilities related to the internal administrative and governance functions in conjunction with the RMI Board, RMI Presidents’ Committee and RMI Executive Committee.

His extensive legal and labour background, as well as his experience within the RMI, will position him strongly in his new role as SAMBRA National Director.

High on his agenda will be to continue with the excellent progress SAMBRA has made with regards to the publication and implementation of the VIN numbers of all written off vehicles in a write-off register available to any member of the public wishing to research the purchase of a used vehicle. Over the last four years SAMBRA has applied substantial resources to ensure that members of the public, used car dealers, banks and others involved in the purchase and sale of used vehicles can protect themselves against the purchase of a previously written off vehicle. Continued discussions with SAIA will be a priority.

Equally, with the SAMBRA exco, he will be tackling several initiatives focused on pushing back against unfair business practices as well as rolling out several initiatives to enhance member profitability and provide members with the tools to remain sustainable in the current business climate.

Jeffrey Molefe has been appointed as Labour Director of the RMI, effective 1 April 2023. Molefe holds a Bachelor of Law Degree and a postgraduate qualification in Labour Law.

Molefe joined the RMI in May 2013 and has served on various Regional and National structures of MIBCO. He is a member of the RMI Executive Committee, Chairperson of the RMI Employment Equity Committee, Chairperson of the RMI Central Region OHS Committee, Member of the RMI Internal Training Committee, National Executive Training Committee and plays an active role in other internal and external committees.

During his tenure with the RMI he has held various positions including; IR Specialist, National Director for the Motorcycles Dealer’s Association (MDA) and General Manager.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as the Labour Director for RMI and I intend to build on the progress made by my predecessor in the last fourteen months. In the early transition weeks, it will be fundamental to establish priorities and build sustainable relationships with my new constituencies. Being in this portfolio will grant me the opportunity to continue upholding the interests of our valuable members, deliver on their mandate and work closely with our stakeholders,” said Molefe.

“I am also pleased that the Industry Settlement Agreement which was adopted at the MIBCO Annual General Meeting in November 2022 has now been promulgated and extended to non-parties. With this multi-year Agreement in place, my team and I are looking forward to a sustainable industry, that will enjoy labour stability and peace for the next three years,” concluded Molefe.

Jacques Viljoen - SAMBRA National Director
Jeff 2
Jeffrey Molefe - Labour Director