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Sick-, Accident- and Maternity pay fund – fees remain unchanged

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In recognition for the efforts of Members to contain costs, the RMI has ensured that the weekly contribution towards the MIBCO Sick-, Accident- and Maternity Pay Fund will not increase in 2023. The following rates will therefore continue to apply:

Table 1Sick FundMaternity FundDeath & FuneralTotal Contribution

We remind employers that participation in the Fund is restricted to paid-up members of the RMI only, with membership being compulsory for employees that are members of the Motor Industry Staff Association (MISA). All non-MISA members, employed by RMI-registered employers, may participate in the Fund on a voluntary basis.

Below is a summary of benefits accruing to employees that are members of the Fund:

MISA Members:

Sick leave – first 10 days at 100% of wages/salaries.

Next 5 days at 50% of wages/salaries.

Employers will pay the MISA members directly and claim the benefit back from the Fund afterwards.

All Other Employees:

Sick leave – 15 days at 75% of wages/salaries.

Other Benefits, for all Employees:

Accident Pay – Up to 40 days at 75% of wages/salaries.

Maternity Pay – Up to 17 weeks at 30% of wages/salaries.

We are also pleased to inform participating employees that all employees registered on the Fund receive the following additional benefits after 8 consecutive weeks’ contributions:

  1. A death benefit of R20,000.00 per Fund member (increased from R15,000.00), upon the passing of the member;
  2. A funeral benefit of R10,000.00 for the Fund member, as well as his / her spouse/partner, children between the ages of 14 and 18 and R7,000.00 for children under the age of 14, to a maximum of three claims per year (an existing benefit); and
  3. A funeral benefit R7,000.00 in the case of the still-birth of a child of the member new benefit.

All death- and funeral benefit-related queries may be directed to MISA on call centre number 086 099 4147 or email

All queries relating to sick, accident and maternity leave should be directed to the RMI. Should you have any questions or queries arising from this update, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the RMI’s Regional Offices: Contact Us – Retail Motor Industry Organisation (