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Signs of worn shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are designed to assist the driver in maintaining control of the car by keeping the tyres on the ground. Bad or worn out shocks will make your ride uncomfortable and to some extent unsafe, hence, it is recommended that you regularly service your car and ensure it is properly maintained.
“Signs of worn out shock absorbers include your car veering to one side, uneven tyre wear, delayed stopping when braking, excessive bouncing while driving, and leaking fluid,” explains Barend Smit, Marketing Director of MotorHappy.
Worn or leaking shocks can lead to unsteadiness on the road, like veering to the side or sliding in high winds. You might also hear unusual noises like metal-to-metal and a knocking sound coming from the rear or front wheels.
If the tread on your tyre is uneven it’s an indication that your tyres are not firmly on the road, a sure sign of worn shock absorbers. If you leave this unattended, you have a greater chance of hydroplaning in wet weather and could also more easily get a flat tyre. A slight vibration from the steering wheel and too much bouncing as you drive over a speed bump are both spossible sign of worn out shocks.
The broken seals on the shocks could also result in brake fluid leaks.
“If your shock absorbers need to be replaced, you will find that your car takes longer to come to a stop when braking,” Smit points out. “The braking distance could be increased by up to 20% which could mean the difference between a safe stop and an accident.”
Keeping your shock absorbers, and all other mechanical parts of your car, in good working order is essential for road safety and the longevity of your car.”