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Sponsor Announced For Amageza Rally

The Amageza Rally (‘amageza’ – Xhosa for ‘crazy’) is Southern Africa’s motorcycle, multi-staged rally event – similar in style to the Dakar and Baja 1000. Being the second year of this dual-sport motorcycle challenge, 2012 will see participants navigate numerous ‘liaison’ and ‘special’ legs using their riding skills and a rally roadbook.
Riding road legal dual-sport motorbikes equal or exceeding 450cc, this KTM Cape Town sponsored rally is for  physically fit, advanced riders. The route navigates dramatically varied terrain from high-speed gravel to deep sand to a jeep track and to rocky, washed-out farm roads.
The Amageza Rally will expand yearly: 2013 is being planned as a five day rally event; 2014 as a 10-day event covering most of South Africa’s neighbouring states; and in 2015 the Amageza Rally Run hopes to have grown to be a 14-day African Motorbike Rally, crossing most of Southern Africa.
100 participants, who successfully completed one of the four 2012 Amageza Qualifiers (or applied via email with their off-road ride CV), will take part in this extreme dual-sport motorcycle challenge. If you missed a 2012 Amageza Qualifier, you may still be be able to snatch one of the remaining entries. Apply at and don’t forget to send an overview of your riding experience. Further details are available at or visit the Facebook page at