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Surplus of ransacked tyres and automotive spare parts

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The Tyre Equipment Parts Association (TEPA) has sent out an urgent appeal to all tyre dealers and workshops to refuse to fit any tyres or parts that are supplied by the customer without a valid proof of purchase.

Hedley Judd, national director of TEPA, a proud association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), says a result of last week’s civil unrest a number of tyre warehouses, tyre dealers and spares dealers, particularly in KwaZulu Natal,  were looted and ransacked.  As a result, much of this stock is now doing the rounds in the marketplace.

“Where tyres or parts are provided without a valid proof of purchase, TEPA suggests that the SAPS are alerted to the fact immediately, and that any instructions from the SAPS are followed correctly.

Judd says the losses are likely to lead to a short term shortage of stock on a localised basis, particularly where current transport issues are also proving difficult at the moment.

Listen to the Radio 2000 radio interview with Hedley Judd, TEPA director, below on this same topic.