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The digital learning ecosystem: enriched, empowered, essential

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In the midst of the Internet of things, smart technology, interactive media, and digital content; there are new learning experiences for employees on the move. Today’s learner is mobile, always connected and pressed for time. Therefore, learning programs must adopt modern technology, including mobile devices, and be designed with on-the-go flexibility in mind. Digital learning is not an entirely new phenomenon in learning for automotive OEMs and dealer networks. The core components driving this development and its success are advances in cognitive science and technology that address the current demands of business. Incorporating real science into the learning and development mix fulfils the needs and expectations of the modern employee as well as the OEM. Modern learning and development enable and enhance accelerated learning anytime, anywhere.

Artificial intelligence in learning and development
Microlearning, powered by AI, automatically selects the right training, at the right stage of
development for advanced educational enrichment. Microlearning is an adaptive approach to training that delivers content in short, focused bites throughout the work day. It maps how the brain learns and retains knowledge, then incorporates that information into a proprietary AI platform. With a Digital Learning Platform, the learner is engaged and empowered, and starts driving his/her own development with access to a wide range of cutting-edge learning material. With small, easily digestible bits of information, the employee is able to provide better quality of service.

Characteristics of a robust learning ecosystem
Instructor-led training (ILT) and classroom training will remain part of a learning ecosystem. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) enable connectivity with a Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Record Store (LRS), and training content libraries. Additionally, the digital learning solutions are customisable to the unique goals of an organization, while employing a strong sense of cohesiveness. They offer powerful and predictive real-time analytics and reporting. These new age data technologies engage people to take the right steps, in the right sequence, and in all the right ways, so people become comfortable with accessing information on the go and adopt a whole new way of learning.