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The trick is attention to detail


Being a successful technician is hard physical work but the trick, according to Dirk-Wouter Immelman, is being observant and focusing on detail.

Immelman is a Technician at Sterling Hermanus, responsible for service and repairs of petrol and diesel vehicles. He joined Sterling Hermanus in 2018 under a Competency-Based Modular Training (CMBT) Learnership, funded by the merSETA.

“From a young age, I would tear things apart to see how their mechanical components worked. As I grew up, I realised that my passion was in mechanical work,” explains Immelman.

Upon completion of his matric in 2015, Immelman worked in different workshops, where he gained two years’ experience. “Having two years’ experience assisted me in grasping many aspects of the training quicker. I also attended Renault training and undertook some online training, which got me qualified as a Renault Technician,” says Immelman.

He explains that through hard work and assistance from co-workers, he was able to complete his four-year CMBT Learnership in two and a half years. Immelman says that he always strives for quality. “People’s lives are reliant on the work that I do, and I always remind myself of this when I work on their vehicles,” he says.

Merseta. By Temana Masekela. Read the full story here: