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Update on vaccination rollout

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Phase 2 of the vaccination rollout targeting over 60s is proceeding. Vaccination sites are operating throughout the country, including hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and medical practices, occupational health and safety sites across many sectors, and larger facilities.

As of 7 June, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases identified in South Africa is 1 699 849 with 3 285 new cases reported. The cumulative total of tests conducted to date is 11 899 793 with 23 199 new tests recorded since the last report. The daily report can be found on:

There have been some supply constraints, and the number of private-sector vaccination sites has temporarily been scaled back. In consultation with the private sector, vaccines are allocated by the National Department of Health to ensure supplies are fairly distributed.  The Government health teams are currently operating in a vaccine-constrained environment but anticipate supply will improve in the coming months, increasing vaccination capacity across public and private sectors.

We want to remind you to please keep reminding all staff who are over 60 to ensure they are registered on the government EVDS platform.

Remember to help others register if they are struggling to do so. It is important if you are over 60 and have registered, to get vaccinated when directed to do so.

Cas Coovadia from B4SA recently posted a video after being vaccinated showing it was “a painless, organised and efficient experience”—and calling on all those over 60 to register and get the vaccination.  Here is a copy of the link if you would like to view the video: posting a video.

The updated list of sites that are reporting vaccinations to the EVDS can be found at the following link: 

We also include the link to register for the vaccine if you are over 60: here is the link

Stay safe—register if you are over 60, and tell and help others do the same.