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Vehicle theft is on the rise – Here’s how to prevent it from happening to you

Most car owners wouldn’t be without their vehicle, however, with 147 vehicles stolen every day in South Africa, it’s essential you take action to prevent your pride and joy being next. Shockingly, close to 90% of households are affected by this callous crime, so if you haven’t been directly affected, it’s likely you know someone that has. With the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa reporting healthy car sales during 2017, here’s how you can beat the thieves and protect your vehicle.
Install an anti-theft system 
When you’ve bagged yourself a great deal on a car, you should do all you can to keep it secure. There are multiple options which you can install in any vehicle and you can use as few or as many of them as you like. Security pedal locks which stop a vehicle from being driven are one option, while, many favor a steering wheel lock which is easily visible to any individual who glances inside your car. Tracking devices are also beneficial and provide owners with an 80% chance of their vehicle being recovered should it be stolen. Therefore, be sure to get a tracker fitted if there’s not a manufacturer’s one already installed.
Park carefully 
Thieves tend to work when it’s dark. Of course, you can’t keep an eye on your set of wheels around the clock, however, carefully consider where you park it. Where possible, ensure it’s kept in a well lit area as this will deter thieves from targeting it. Over the course of six days in mid-April, six vehicles were stolen while parked in eMalahleni, so it’s vital you wisely choose where you park and try to get as close to your property at night and place of work during the day. A security camera fixed to your property and overlooking your car, as well as an outdoor motion sensor light are great items which will provide further protection too.
Lock up
Never leave your car unlocked. Even if you’re just popping indoors for a couple of minute, you should always ensure that the central locking is activated and doors closed and secure. Whenever you leave your vehicle unattended all windows should be fully closed, even on a hot summer day when it’s tempting to leave them ajar. Avoid keeping valuables in your vehicle too as this will tempt thieves to break in and once they are inside it’s fairly easy for them to take not only your personal belongings but your set of wheels too.
With thousands of vehicles being stolen from South Africa’s streets each month, it’s time to proactively take steps to protect you and your vehicle. Anti theft systems and tracking devices are dependable aids when it comes to fighting off thieves. While, parking in well lit areas and securing your car at all times will provide maximum deterrence.
Credit: Sally – Diamondmail