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Volkswagen recalls Polo

Volkswagen has confirmed a technical issue relating to the left rear seat belt lock fitted to the 2018 model year Polo – and has issued a recall.
According to a statement released by the company, when the rear centre seat and the rear left seat are occupied, the seat belt on the latter could be unintentionally released during a sudden lane change manoeuvre.
“Safety remains our main priority and Volkswagen has identified a technical solution – a redesigned belt lock fixture which will prevent this from happening,” the statement says.
Volkswagen has advised owners of the model not to make use of the middle seat until the redesigned locking mechanism has been installed. Letters advising customers of the problem have been sent to owners, who will be required to take their cars to Volkswagen service partners to have the new mechanism fitted. Models built at the brand’s factory at Uitenhage, near Port Elizabeth, will receive the upgrade on the production line.