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What must I pay to MIBCO during the COVID-19 crisis?

Employers that have employees registered with the Motor Industry Bargaining Council must remit the following payments to MIBCO on a periodic basis (weekly or monthly):

  1. MIBCO levies;
  2. Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund contributions (for those employees registered on the Fund) – the contribution is payable by the employer;
  3. Trade union subscriptions (for employees belong to NUMSA or MISA);
  4. Additional holiday pay (bonus) for journeymen, BA journeymen, exempted journeymen and apprentices;
  5. Provident fund contributions, which entails deducting 7,5% from the employee’s wages and adding 8% employer contributions, per employee.

Deductions for the employees’ portions of these payment, in the case of items 1, 3 and 5, may only however occur if the employee has worked at least 23 hours in the week for which the contributions are deductible/payable. In the event that an employee has worked less than 23 hours, no deductions are made and no payments are owing to MIBCO in respect of such an employee for that particular week.
Employees will typically work less than 23 hours in a week in they are on short time (in terms of clause 4.6 of the Main Agreement), on partial lay-off or absent without leave/unpaid sick leave.
Employers who invoke the short time provisions in the Main Agreement, must ensure that they abide by the requirements when placing one or more employee on short time. Members requiring advice or assistance in this regard, may call on any of the RMI’s regional offices and discuss their requirements with any one of the RMI’s highly skilled IR Specialists. Contact details for the regional offices are available on the RMI website ( or mobile application.