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A technician with passion for road safety


“The safety of my customers on the road is what motivates me to do quality work on their cars.” This is according to Lando Lombard, a technician at Sterling Hermanus who specialises in the service and repair of vehicles.

Lombard joined Sterling Hermanus as a Competency-Based Modular Training (CMBT) Learner under a merSETA-funded learnership in 2018. After the training, he was employed by the company as a technician.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how things work and a passion to fix broken things. Cars ended up drawing my attention and that’s when I realised that mechanical work was my calling,” he explained.

Lombard was home-schooled and obtained a General Education Development (GED) matric

equivalent in 2018. He explains that success as a technician comes from determination, patience and focus as well as being able to understand and notice things that other people miss.

“To achieve this,” he said, “one needs to continuously seek knowledge and keep up with technological advancements in industry, particularly since talk is now on the emergence of the 5th Industrial Revolution.”

By Temana Masekela. Read the full story here: