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As winter rolls in, look out for these signs to have your battery checked

Could it be time for a battery check?

Just as you think you’re going to be a few minutes early for work this morning, you get into your car, turn the key and guess what happens next? No ignition. Could you be out of fuel? Have you forgotten to turn off the headlights? Or maybe it’s time for that long-overdue service.

In the panic you’ve experienced, you may have forgotten that the problem could be your battery.

Car batteries generally last for up to five years. However, the heat, cold and excessive traffic your car is exposed to takes its toll on your battery.

This is why you should have your battery checked at least twice a year.

Signs that you need to get your battery checked:

  • Your “check engine light” or “battery” warning light is on
  • Your engine cranks but struggles to start
  • Your battery appears to have swelled or has visual signs of leakage, corrosion or rust
  • You’ve had the same battery for five years, without having it checked
  • Sometimes your car struggles to start
  • You need to jump-start your car every three to five days
  • Your dash lights are dim