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RMI assists in harmonization

The RMI has been proud to participate in the process of seeking harmonization of the SADC member states Standards for Roadworthiness. The initial work was conducted by the SADCSTAN secretariat after which all SADC member countries participated in a joint review session during December 2018 in Johannesburg.

The purpose of the exercise was for all member countries to move towards a mutually agreed set of standards for the roadworthiness of vehicles engaged in cross border trade. The principle being to assist in the reduction of one of the many barriers to trade in the SADC region.

From the review meeting, the South African delegation, led by Ferose Oaten (Chairperson of the Vehicle Testing Association of the RMI) undertook to finalise the South African input to “Part 6, Combination Vehicles” of the harmonization documents.

The first of two meetings were hosted by the RMI in the Pretoria Offices, the location of which assisted with local delegates travel arrangements.

During the first meeting, the delegation deemed it necessary to review “Parts 1-5” of the standards as well, with a view to submitting final commentary on the standards, which was completed successfully.

The RMI hosted the final draft South African submission prior to the final submission date of 1 April 2019.

As this harmonization programme develops the RMI will provide reference on the progress.