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Bosch South Africa awarded at NAACAM

A key driver of the South African economy lies with the automotive industry where local government’s masterplan; which encourages growth and sustainable jobs for South Africa, places focus on raising local content to 60% by 2035. The National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) is the voice of the automotive component manufacturers of South Africa, where Bosch South Africa received recognition for their contribution to the success of the 2019 event.

NAACAM presented Bosch with an award for “Greatest contribution by a supplier to the achievement of the NAACAM Show Objectives”.

Bosch South Africa’s presence was felt during the conference and in the exhibition hall, with Michael Kloss, Managing Director of Bosch South Africa, representing the industry on the organisational steering committee of the NAACAM Show.

Dr. Markus Thill, President for Bosch Africa provided insights on two different panel discussions with the first focusing on Industry 4.0 within the automotive sector and the second being on the topic of youth employment and skills development; both topics offering opportunities and challenges for the industry.

Rudolf Billau, Vice President for Marketing provided insights during the panel discussion on local manufacturing and further confirmed Bosch’s targets for local content production.

“Made in South Africa” was the key message delivered by Bosch at the recent NAACAM Show exhibition. The Bosch Brits facility’s manufacturing capabilities as the key partner to the original equipment manufacturers was promoted; this was done in an effort to focus on increasing the levels of local content in vehicles manufactured in South Africa.