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Gumtree hosts virtual seminar for car dealerships

Gumtree South Africa will host a virtual seminar for car dealerships to support them during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Attendees can join via Zoom video link or telephonically. “The automotive […]

Lies And Videotape

Dishonesty in the workplace can irrevocably break down trust relationships. RMI industrial relations specialist David Van Rooyen looks at cases that have led to dismissal. Dismissal is not an expression […]

Truth And Lies

The use of polygraphs is a process fraught with difficulty and the tests may well prove inconclusive, explains industrial relations specialist David Van Rooyen. A polygraph measures and records bodily […]

The Waste Management Bill And You

The proposed Waste Management Bill will act as a legal framework to provide a basis for the regulation of the country’s major waste management problems. The gist of the bill […]

Waste Classification

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has developed and piloted a national system for the collection of data on waste generation and management in the country, which will be gazetted […]