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Level 3 Workplace Preparedness Webinar

Now that you ready to go back to work, are you ready to respond to a positive test in your workplace? Please find below the invite for our free webinar […]

Request to employers to participate in survey

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) is a major employer stakeholder to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education Training Authority (merSETA) since the inception of the Sector Education […]

Moto Health Care news

Our last newsletter to you celebrated the start of 2020 and the hope that this was going  to be the year of plenty. Over the past few months, 2020 has […]

Emergency repairs explained

As the country moves through the various lockdown levels, a number of motorists are still unsure about what constitutes emergency repairs during Lockdown Level 4. Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the […]

Debtors and creditors – a fresh legal solution

The current economic climate is forcing businesses to re-evaluate the way that they do business. Particularly, creditors seem to now realise that a mechanical approach to recover debt may simply […]

COVID-19 benefits: Amended Directives

In an effort to clear up some confusion regarding the COVID-19 Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) benefits, the Minister of Employment and Labour signed an amended Directive on 16 April […]

COVID-19 funding relief and claims

Since the occurrence of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown and financial/economic distress experienced by both businesses and individuals, there have been a number of initiatives launched by both Government and […]