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Recognised as the leading voice in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket, the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) has joined as a COBRA consortium partner, and, in doing so, is offering relevant, retail and associated motor-related value to businesses in the sector. The objective of the COBRA ecosystem is to coordinate with these businesses via regular webinars and use relationships with key stakeholders (including banks, government, business services firms, private equity funders and institutions) to assist and sustain these businesses through the crisis.

Engaged Business Turnaround, IQbusiness, and Schindlers Attorneys launched The COBRA Initiative in March 2020 as a response to the COVID pandemic and implications that lockdown would bring to businesses in South Africa.

We have repositioned and rebranded The COBRA Initiative! Our continuous aim is to provide support to businesses that have been impacted and are being impacted by the economic tsunami that has occurred as a result of the lockdown implications. As we move to level 1 lockdown, we realise that this is only just the start.


– Website: The COBRA website has been completely updated – both messaging and the look and feel have evolved. Click here to view:

– Knowledge Hub: The COBRA knowledge hub has recently undergone some work and we are proud to announce that the new refreshed Knowledge Hub is now live.  Click here to view:

– Webinar: Join Transunion’s Hans Zachar, VP of emerging markets, and Priven Moodley, head of consulting as they take us through Transunion’s updated SMME report.

SMMEs make a significant contribution to the South African GDP and are estimated to provide employment to 10 million people. However, this important sector has been the hardest hit by Covid-19.

In this webinar, TransUnion will unpack the latest SMME data to understand the level of damage that has been done and what the projected defaults and job losses could look like. Looking forward, the data can also provide insights into where the whitespace and growth opportunities might lie as lockdown continues to ease. Click here to register:

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