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Embracing the spirit of excellence in RMI women

Women Campaign Aug 2023

As we celebrate Women’s Month this month, we’re revving up our engines for a truly inspiring journey. 🚗 Get ready to meet some remarkable, inspirational women who are steering their way through the automotive industry landscape with sheer brilliance and determination.

Introducing the ‘Women Driving Change’ Campaign 🌟

We’re kicking off a month-long celebration of women who’ve redefined the rules, shattered glass ceilings, and left tyre marks of excellence in the motor industry. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to twelve phenomenal individuals, each with a unique story to tell.

From association trailblazers to visionary business owners, these women have not only made their mark but have also paved the way for countless others. We’re putting the spotlight on their achievements, their challenges, and the journeys that have shaped them into the driving forces they are today.

📣 Join the Conversation 📣

This campaign isn’t just about celebrating achievements; it’s about fostering a community of support and empowerment. We want YOU to be a part of this exciting journey. Share your thoughts, tag your role models, and let’s spread the word about these incredible stories by sharing the posts. Let’s ignite conversations, inspire one another, and accelerate change.

Stay tuned as we unveil the first profile later today! Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and reminded that when passion and perseverance collide, there’s no roadblock that can’t be overcome.

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