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Female motor mechanic refused to succumb to failure

Merseta Story Female Mechanic

Madira Cheze is the definition of a humble woman who is determined to succeed regardless of her circumstances. Cheze is a qualified female motor mechanic who was trained by Kgabo Cars with funding from the merSETA.

She is now the proud owner of Dirankie Auto Services, a registered business with assistance from Kgabo Cars.

Upon completion of her matric in 2007, she studied mechanical engineering at Tshwane North College. Hit by her parents’ inability to continue paying her tuition, Cheze dropped-out of college to seek employment. But this did not deter her from pursuing her passion of studying an engineering-related course.

She worked at different companies in pursuit of getting trained and to qualify as a motor mechanic artisan. In 2012, her former lecturer referred her to Kgabo Cars, which offered her a motor mechanics learnership.

The same year, she was selected as one of the top three students and the only woman to be part of a sponsorship by GUD Filters to visit their plant in Cape Town to learn about making vehicle filters.

“This was a lifetime opportunity for me. The winds of change drifted me in the direction that I was desperately longing for and I could not believe my fortune,” Cheze says.

By Geozann Matthysen. Credit: MerSETA

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