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First Aid and Fire fighting training courses held in the Western Cape

The RMI offices in Western Cape hosted yet another successful First Aid Course on 6 and 7 June 2018.
The course was conducted by the Medical Education Centre on the RMI’s premises.

The RMI in the Western Cape also hosted a very successful and action-packed fire fighting course on 20 June 2018.
Legislation states that each Employer is obliged and responsible for the training of dedicated employees in Level I First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting and Evacuation Techniques as well as in Health & Safety Representation.
The fire fighting course was hosted by the Medical Education Centre and since its opening in 1995, they have trained and certified close to 250 000 delegates in these compulsory fields of expertise.
General Course Information :
 Hazards, Fire Behaviour & Classes of Fire
 Portable Extinguishers (Practical)
 Extinguisher Markings
 Fire Streams & Fire Control
 Fire Fighter Safety & Safety Checks
 Working in Teams
 Water Supply, Hydrant Markings & Hose laying (Practical)
 Evacuation/Moving through Smoke (Practical)
Benefits: The Learner will achieve lifesaving skills that will allow him/her to:
 prevent Fires by recognising various hazards
 minimise the extent of fires and resulting injuries
 help with the creation of a safe and healthy working environment.
 receive encouraging and motivating respect and appreciation from colleagues & management
The following delegates attended the course and they were very proud of their new certificates!
Caltex Pniel Jadika Joro Kaloni
Caltex Pniel Gabriel Dhaura
Viking Service Station Magcinandile Mzondi
Viking Service Station Maxwell Mbane
Nortons Auto Services Ansel Sebonke
Auto Detail Centre Jacques Marius Kapiera
Motorport Bayside Wendy Ann Whitcher
Powerflow Exhausts Salt River John Norman Ross
Powerflow Exchausts Salt River Dayne Edward Cooper
Garage 808 Colin Eric Coetzee
Caltex Pniel Fatai Olanrewaju Owoade
Mike Evans Auto Body Repairers Sean Edwards
Mike Evans Auto Body Repairers Michel John Evans
Spraycraft Pieter Venter
German Autoworks Tommy de Beer
Viking Service Station Tafadzwe Damba
Kemp Bros Malcolm Schenk
The next course will be in October 2018. Invitations will be sent out once a date has been set.