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FMCSA Honoured for Diversity and Inclusion

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) was recently awarded top honours in Ford Motor Company’s ONE Ford Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit.
Eight countries including Brazil, USA, Argentina, Canada, China, UK, Germany and South Africa received nominations ahead of the Summit. FMCSA received two awards in the categories  ‘Fostering a Respectful and Inclusive Environment’ and ‘Leading the Way’.
In the first category, the nominees needed to demonstrate Working Together by building a collaborative environment that inspires and involves employees and leverages diverse perspectives inside and outside of the team.
FMCSA came up with a unique concept to create unity amongst all employees by encouraging all Ford employees to write, rehearse and record a ONE Ford song ahead of the reveal of the all-new Ford Ranger.
Submissions were received from all departments who contributed to the song by writing a verse. All the submissions were taken into consideration and written into a four-verse song. The final recording was done at the all-new Ranger employee reveal event on 14 October 2010, coinciding with the global reveal of the vehicle at the Sydney Auto Show in Australia.
More than 2 000 employees in the Silverton assembly plant, and 600 employees in the Struandale Engine Plant in Port Elizabeth participated in a final rehearsal and recording process facilitated by FatGroove, a professional music recording company. A music DVD was produced, and a copy given to each of the 2 600 employees afterwards. The ONE FORD song also featured in our global press conference at the North American International Auto Show.
The unique initiative transcended different cultural and language barriers and was subsequently used by other countries including Taiwan and the USA.
FMCSA received a second award in the ‘Leading the Way’ category where finalists needed to illustrate a commitment to global ONE Ford Leadership and make a significant contribution to fostering excellence, working together inclusively and holding individuals accountable for delivering results.
FMCSA’s Manufacturing Team stood out for their achievements in this area. In the lead up to the introduction of the all-new Ranger FMCSA took 196 team leaders and supervisors to the Ford factory in India to complete a practical training programme in Lean Manufacturing principles and practices. The team leaders who attended the training focused on how things were done differently in India and upon their return they were able to filter their learning down through local teams.
Leveraging the exceptional engagement of the Team Leaders, the 5 Star Work Group programme was developed. The 5 Star process is a structured process whereby the Work Groups are required to institutionalize key Lean Manufacturing business practices. The stars are awarded from 1 to 5, for every star the Work Groups must pass a formal evaluation.
These initiatives have been embraced and valued by FMCSA employees, who now feel they have a part to play in the company’s future. Through their commitment and dedication they ensure that a world-class product emerges from the Silverton factory floor.
“At FMCSA it is imperative that we remain globally competitive. These two awards demonstrate our ability to compete on the world stage by initiating innovative and creative projects that benefit both the company and our employees. Well done to all involved on a fantastic effort,” says Jeff Nemeth, FMCSA president and CEO.