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IR seminar invite – Dismissals for misconduct and for ill health

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We are pleased to announce that the RMI will be presenting an online seminar entitled – Contracts of employment

-When:  10 November 2021

-Time:  09h00 – 11h00  

-Platform:  Microsoft Teams

-Cost:  See registration form below

-Presenter:  Brent Barichievy

Some of the topics of discussion will be:


-The importance of disciplinary records.

-Requirements for a proper notice of a disciplinary hearing.

-Company rules vs disciplinary codes.

-What factors do arbitrators look for in deciding whether a dismissal for misconduct was fair?

Incapacity: Ill health:

-What are the requirements for a termination of employment due to ill health?

-What is the role of a medical practitioner in an incapacity hearing?

Covid-19 related discipline: misconduct or incapacity? What the courts are saying.

Guide: how to properly present your employer’s case at an internal hearing: evidence, witnesses, onus of proof, the importance of supporting factors, obtaining the desired outcome.

You are invited to secure your attendance by completing the registration form below.  The training material will be distributed to the delegates electronically.  A certificate of attendance will be provided to each delegate.

Please find the banking details and registration form below.

We look forward to seeing you there.