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MOBILATINA to bring together 200 rectifiers

MOBILATINA, a seminar organised by CONAREM during AUTOMEC, will be gathering, for the third time since 2017, dozens of engine rebuilders from several countries around the world, who will be in Brazil to attend the lectures on 26 April.

In addition to a large delegation from Argentina and the massive presence of participants from Brazil, there will be representatives from Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, the United States, South Africa, Guatemala and Mexico who will also participate in a meeting of the World Engine Rebuilders Council (WERC).

MOBILATINA will discuss topics of relevance in the current disruptive context that we are witnessing today.

Among the attractions of the seminar, Rob Munro, Director of AERA (American Engine Rebuilders Association), will develop the theme of the challenges faced by remanufacturers in the United States regarding the shortage of skilled labour and the trends they are considering for succeeding in the medium and long term.

Frank Mac Nicol, President of WERC and ERA, the South African Remanufacturers Association, will be talking about the worldwide projects that WERC is undertaking to unify labour training and international exchange, and build up a global network of engine parts end users.

Rodrigo Bittencourt, from KSPG will be presenting his vision on electric mobility and the future of the combustion engine and there will be an interesting presentation on the collective purchasing model of Rede União, which is unique in the world.

Thiago Nogueira from GMA will present the profile of the Brazilian circulating fleet, a topic of interest, particularly for the foreign press.

WERC will hold a meeting at the same venue in the afternoon. This meeting will be preparatory to the first WERC Annual Meeting to be held in Johannesburg this coming September.

The directors of the World Council will be holding a press conference to talk about the Global Rebuilding Plan (GRP), which is a worldwide project for the motor industry, which will be formally introduced at the September meeting in South Africa.