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Motoring app connects car owners and service providers

Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI), says for several years now there has been a call from the motoring sector as well as the motoring public for a quick and convenient way to find service providers. “In response to this we started development on an app several months ago and are pleased to launch RMI Connect – an app that connects consumers to accredited-RMI members,” he says.
The app is now live and available on Play and Apples Stores. “It assists motorists in finding an accredited service supplier in the category of service required closest to them via GPS or in the region of their choice. It provides the full contact and address details as well as any service or product specials,” he explains.

From a customer service point-of-view, RMI members will be able to use the app to find compliance documentation; to market their products and events; for training purposes; to connect with other RMI members and to access up-to-date RMI news.
“We have also included a section where motorists can log a complaint if they are unhappy with any element of the service they receive, or to report a supplier claiming falsely to be an RMI member,” says Olivier.
“RMI members are skilled automotive professionals who adhere to a strict code of conduct, so when using RMI-accredited businesses, consumers can be assured of value for money, competitive pricing, quality work and recourse for complaints. Our app takes the guess work out of locating a good partner for your vehicle care and will seamlessly connect you to your closest RMI member,” he concludes.
Note: In the case of Android phones, only version 7 and higher of the operating system are supported by Google Play Store and will have access to the RMI Connect.