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New Employment Equity sectoral targets published for comment

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Department of Employment and Labour: New Employment Equity sectoral targets published for comment

On Thursday, 01 February 2024 the Department of Employment and Labour published the new Employment Equity Sectoral Targets for public comment. Stakeholders have 90 days to comment.

The sectoral targets have not changed from what was originally published for consultation purposes. However the republished Regulations provides more detailed guidance notes on how to interpret and apply the sectoral targets. More importantly, the distinction between provincial and national targets has been removed with the republished targets, reflecting a single target for each economic sector, differentiated based on gender only.

Furthermore, the republished Regulation has removed the distinction between designated racial groups (African, Coloured and Indian). The target simply refers to “designated groups” which is defined in the Employment Equity Act as black people (African, Coloured, and Indian), women and people with disabilities who are citizens of South Africa by birth or descent. Alternatively, black people who became citizens of South Africa by naturalisation before 27 April 1994 or after 26 April 1994 and who would have been entitled to acquire citizenship by naturalisation prior to that date but who were precluded by apartheid policies.

The republished Regulation continues to focus on the top and senior management categories, as well as professionally qualified and skilled levels and people with disabilities. There are no targets for the semi-skilled and unskilled levels. However, designated employers are required to consider the economically active population demographics in respect of these levels.

The RMI is in the process of examining the scope and impact of these regulations on the retail and aftermarket of the motor industry, and after having taken a legal view on it, will assess the notion of submitting comment on these Regulations. Members will be updated constantly on progress in this regard.

Any Member that wishes to make an inquiry in this subject regard, can contact the RMI’s Transformation Director, Ms. Nonhlanhla Tshabalala on or telephonically on 083 208 7161.