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Regulations and standards for tyres on light trailers

Detect Tyre Wear Article May 2022

Regulation 212 of the Road Traffic Regulations only makes reference to the condition of a tyre fitted to a vehicle, but does not specify any age limitation of such a tyre.

The specifications under SANS 1550-x:2005 also make no reference to the age of a tyre.

Best practice

  • Do not park your trailer on the tyres for long periods.
  • Have your tyres checked at a reputable tyre outlet before going for extended holiday trips.

Every tyre is marked with the month and year of manufacture as shown below. 2616 means the tyre is manufactured in week 26 of 2016. The life of a tyre is not specified, but from industry experience it is learned that a tyre can show signs of ageing after some six years.

This is even more so with tyres fitted to light trailers or caravans, showing low mileage and little wear, but hiding any structural damage which may be present with prolonged time.


Tyre Age