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Say NO to violence and harassment in the world of work

Transformation No To Harrasment C190

The prevalence of gender-based violence and harassment within South Africa, and the world at large, are signs of a scourge that shows no signs of decline, but rather it continues to worsen to the extent that it even affects the world of work.

This requires urgent effective action. Taking into account the prevalence of this scourge, indications are that the responsibility for addressing this scourge within the motor industry falls squarely on those affected, employers and employees.

Internationally, in June 2019, the International Labour Organisation’s conference (ILO) adopted Convention No. 190 on Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the World of Work and Recommendation No 206. This was an indication from the global community that violence and harassment in the world of work can no longer be tolerated.

The South African Government has pledged its support towards the ratification of the convention, but to date this has not yet occurred.  This presents an opportunity for employers and employees in the Motor Industry to take the lead and make the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work, as well as the promotion of equality and diversity a priority.

As an organisation, the RMI strongly supports “The right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment”  as encapsulated in Convention no. 190.

As employers, it is imperative you are familiar with C190 and its implementation as well as the implications for you as employers should you be held accountable for any transgression.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be unpacking C190 and the obligations and recommendations contained in No 206.

The RMI has also been invited to be represented on the Industry Equality Diversity Forum (IEDF). The objectives of the Forum are primarily:

  • To take the lead and to combat the prevalence of gender-based violence and harassment within the world of work and in particular within the motor industry.
  • To focus on the advancement of equality and diversity within the world of work.
  • To promote equality and diversity within the motor industry in promotion of decent and safe working environments.

A number of different role players will be represented on the IEDF. It will remain neutral with the sole purpose of finding ways to make the industry a better place as well as to promote diversity within the motor industry and assist role players in achieving dignified, equitable workplaces free from violence and harassment.

We trust you will support all efforts to uphold C190 and embrace the importance of social dialogue and collective bargaining in implementing the principles outlined.

Please make sure you read all follow up correspondence which will summarise and advise on all relevant procedures and policies you may need.

Please can you also look out for a Needs Assessment questionnaire on this subject shortly which will inform the next steps of this particular Forum.

Nonhlanhla Noni Tshabalala. Transformation Director & HR Manager

Also see the CEO’s driver seat on this topic, here: Automobil April 2022 (