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Sewells SA Joins Global Group

Sewells in South Africa has become part of a global company which provides motor dealer development services – largely in training, development and business consulting – to more than 4 000 automotive retailers throughout Australia, India, New Zealand, Thailand, China, and other countries in the Asia Pacific region as well as throughout Southern Africa.
After significant growth in these emerging markets over the last decade, the Sewells Group has acquired ownership of Ronald Sewells and Associates which now operates as Sewells Group South Africa.
This move sees the end of WesBank’s involvement with Sewells SA at the ownership level, although a number of key strategic relationships – including the sponsorship of the prestigious Businessman of the Year award – will continue.
Making these announcements on a recent visit to South Africa, Paddy O’Brien, CEO of Sewells Group, referred to the respective contributions in the growing global success of the organisation by both Sewells SA and WesBank. He said that whilst the Group Holding Company was based in Australia, with offices also in China, India and Thailand, it would always be seen as having its roots and its heritage in South Africa and he welcomed the opportunity to play a more active part in the future plans for Sewells Group South Africa.
“Since the mid-eighties, the development of an integrated business model for retail dealers has evolved from its early beginnings in South Africa into a world class best practice business philosophy which dealers have embraced everywhere. As we have gone through the process of implementing this concept around the world, the model has been tested and refined with significant results’.
Paddy also said there is a much stronger appreciation of the importance of sustainable financial health for dealers as a competitive advantage for OEM’s.
“The notion of “us and them” disappears when there is a united approach to developing the overall health of a network,” he explained.