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Skills Fair on Quality Apprenticeships

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The International Training Centre (ITC) of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) presents a Skills Fair on Quality Apprenticeships taking place between 27–29 February 2024 in a hybrid format.  Online attendance is free.  Here is the link to read more, register for the online option, and participate – Skills Fair on Quality Apprenticeships | ITCILO.

Extract from the information in the link:

“In June 2023, ILO tripartite constituents adopted the Quality Apprenticeships Recommendation (R208) that includes elements to both promote and regulate apprenticeships. The Recommendation defines apprenticeships, distinguishing them from other forms of work-based learning. It includes a framework for their regulation, with defined rights and entitlements for the protection of apprentices. It also defines the elements of apprenticeship agreements, and the actions to be taken to ensure that apprenticeships are inclusive and non-discriminatory. Finally, it lists actions to be taken to promote the expansion of apprenticeships.

As part of the comprehensive Plan of action for the implementation of the Quality Apprenticeships Recommendation, 2023 (No. 208), submitted to the ILO Governing Body, relevant technical agencies have joined forces to organize this hybrid Skills Fair on Quality Apprenticeships, in order to promote this new instrument, exchange knowledge on good practices as well as on forward-looking approaches and technologies to consolidate and transform apprenticeships.

The fair will be a tripartite event, with a strong emphasis on the key role of employers’ and workers’ organizations in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating apprenticeships policies and programmes.”