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South African initiative upcycling masks into sanitary pads for underprivileged communities

Reusable Sanitary Products

Don’t know what to do with your hoard of cloth masks? Well, a South African initiative is upcycling masks into sanitary pads for underprivileged communities.

After 818 days, South Africans are finally mask-free as the last three COVID regulations were all repealed on the 23rd of June 2022, but now South Africans face a new challenge… what do we do with all the masks?

The latest studies report that 129 billion (yes, BILLION) face masks were being used worldwide every month due to COVID. That’s 180 million every hour. This mind-boggling mountain of masks ultimately creates a catastrophic amount of waste. Disposable masks will eventually disintegrate, and hopefully, the government has a plan to recycle them responsibly, but what about the cloth masks many retailers sold?

Well, until Woolies announce that they will be initiating a recycling program to turn masks into FREE bags for all shoppers (here’s wishing), a South African initiative is asking citizens to drop off their cloth masks so that they can upcycle them into sanitary pads for young women in need.

GoDiva, an empowerment programme for young women, has been working with underprivileged communities to educate young South Africans on proper hygiene practices and offer them the ‘freedom to live their lives to their fullest’ by donating sanitary pads to those who cannot afford them. The incredible empowerment program is part of Heavenly Haven – a non-profit organisation helping South Africans since 2009.

And now they are taking the masks off your hands (and noses) to upcycle them into sanitary pads for underprivileged communities. A brilliant idea that will not only benefit the environment but will also help young South Africans who cannot afford feminine hygiene products.

For more information, or to get involved and do some good, WhatsApp 076 099 5059 or email

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